Pingel fuel taps

Pingel high flow fuel taps are a popular stock item, these are always in demand for different reasons, for some its to replace worn ugly looking stock fuel taps with something far better looking, for others it the need to increase fuel delivery a tuned engine demands, performance engines require approximately 2 litres every minute, often fuel taps are overlooked as the reason performance is less than expected. wether its show, go or both the Pingel fits. This is the single feed tap and you can also order online either the adapter plate or nut to go with it, The adapter nut listed is the A2001C suitable for Z900 and some Z1000 tanks, the Z1000 can also have a 2 bolt adapter plate 44mm between bolt holes (A1702C) we can aslo supply an offset plate if the tap needs moving further back or forward for additional clearance. We also stock adapters for other tanks and other Pingel taps such as the twin feed tap, call or emailif you require a Pingel tap or adapter not listed here.

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