Mikuni Flatslides

The carburetors need to meter fuel correctly under a wide range of atmospheric conditions and engine tuning modifications while being easily accessible for trackside tuning changes which need to be made quickly. RS Series Radial Flat Slide Carburetors offer superior horsepower gains with their maximum flowing smoothbore induction tract and radial flat slide design. On our dyno a Z1100R jumped from 100bhp to 120bhp with these fitted. An adjustable accelerator pump system helps to provide instant throttle response, particularly in the lower RPM range. The RS series Carburetors feature a compact design which is 25% lighter than other performance carburetors, offers quick needle jet adjustment, and uses readily available standard Mikuni jets. Carburetors are available in 34, 36, 38

708.00 + vat and carriage (849.60 inc. vat)


Push Pull Throttle assembly

Mikuni flatslide carburretors require a push pull throttle is fitted, the single cable set up as used with cv carburretors will not allow the slides to shut down properly. This kit includes twistgrip drum with slim housing and both cables. Twist grip action is just over 1/4 turn.

38.95+ vat and carriage (46.74 inc. vat)

Lectron fuel hose

This Lectron fuel hose does not need clips and does not go hard with age, more flexible than the rubber type hose and much softer than the plastic type fule hose, ideal with Mikuni, Keihin carburretors as well as the original replacement hose for Lectron race carburretors. Sold by the foot.

2,25 + vat and carriage (2.70 inc. vat)


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