Flat tracker

We have always loved the brutal simplicity of the flat track racers, 2 wheels a big engine and nothing on the bike that isnt doing at least 1 job. The Zengine is a stunning looking engine and so we wanted to show the engine off by using the smaller LtD tank, we didnt want free loading sidepanels because they dont do anything and the exposed frame adds to the simple basic look, we started off with a frame and the first job was to remove all the messy little lugs. We got on with fabricating a seat base and also moved the tail peice bracket mounting 80mm further forward.

We mounted the battery in an alloy battery box fitted between the shock mounts and under the seat, this will be mostly out of sight, the battery box will also double up as the mounting tray for most of the electrics, fusebox, starter solonoid, rectifier/regulater, and will fit under the tailpeice.

Its always nice to see the bike on its wheels, we decided against this swingarm as it made the wheel base too long for a short flat track style bike, Our billet cnc machined footreast brackets are fitted and the seat base has gone off to be anodised black.

Next job is to get engine underway, the first job was to start with the crankshaft, we stripped it down (43 parts) and checked for wear, then polished everything. It will now be re assembled starting with the centre camchain pin and work outwards, aligning and welding as the crank goes back together.

The crankshaft can go into the crank case along with new hyvo camchain, we are fitting the Mk2 transmission with shaft drive slipper clutch, heavy duty main bearing studs fitted. heavy duty gearbox bearings fitted click here for more info, the benefit off using the GPz crankshaft was for the improved rotor/starter clutch assembly.

Crankcase machined to take hyvo GPz cam chain tensioner blade, You can also see the billet oil gallery oil cooler take offs fitted, also available here

Crankcases back together, we used our high tensile socket screw set click here , well we could use the original rusty ones now the crankcases are so clean. Engine covers have gone away to be polished.

Top end going together, this is the first run just to check compression ratio, the cyclinder head has been refaced to avoid gasket failure.

After the frame had been de lugged of as many brakets as possible, centre stand lugs, side panel lugs, sidestand lug, footrest brackets, brake pedal pivot, seat hinges and originla ignition coil mounts we braced the frame and then added brackets we would need such as rear brake pivot, master cylinder brakets and Dyna mini coil mounts.

Once all the cutting, grinding, drilling, machining and welding was finished the frame was off to be blasted and finished in black, once it arrives back we can get on with piecing it all together, after hours of hard work this starts to feel like its becoming a motorcycle.

Now the engine is in and we have fitted out billet rear engine mount, this bolts in between the frame rails and braces the frame above the swing arm pivot. It also replaces the steel triangle engine mount plates to allow more frame to drive chain clearance, the lugs mount directly onto the crankcase and eliminates the flex the stock bolts/plates/spacers give, the stock top rear engine mounting bolt often bends as the engine tries to twist in the frame, this provides a neater and stronger solution.

Dyna coils mounted together on one side to increase clearance under the tank, these coils are much neater and still as powerfull, for more details click here

Rear master cylinder bolted on, this should be hidden below swing arm and tucked in behind crankcase to help towards the clean simple uncluttered look, the more bits we can tuck away the more basic the finished bike will look

simple linkage mounts off the boss we welded on prior to having the frame blasted and painted, our billet footrest plates hide the linkage too.

On with the wiring, spending time on carefull cable routing and placing each component should end up with a bike that looks like it has no electrics.

Headlight fitted, We have decided to go for a small black unit tucked back into the forks, handle bars are a clip on type but with a good rise, this will give a cleaner look to the top yolk and still an agressive riding position, Master cyclinder fitted under the fuel tank and will be activated by cable, this will give a clean symetric look on the handle bars.

Control cables fitted and single Z speedo, tacho has been replaced with a shift light, more of the stripped down to minimum idea.

Stripped paint and fuel gum from 1100r 34mmCV carburretors, re assembled and fitted and pushed the bike outside into the sunshine.

Tank and tailpiece (the only bodywork) has gone into Ringwood Accident repair centre for Steve Burrows to work his magic

Old style Kawasaki logo and aero 300 filler cap fitted.

Really pleased with the Job Steve Burrows has done, next job is to fit an exhaust system.

Stainless tube tacked together, we want a tight fitting exhaust that wont look like all the ground clearance has been lost.

Exiting into 2 curved silencers that exit close to swingarm, short and tucked in is what we are looking for.

Sunday ride out to get an icecream on the finished bike

Ride along the beach, why not

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