GS1000 Endurance racer

This is the story of Marks GS1000 Endurance racer build starting off from a frame and a very sad engine, the first job was to strip the engine. Marks aim is to end up with a Wes Cooley replica that he can enter into classic races, We really like the early AMA superbike style and are looking forward to building this.

The first job was to strip the rather neglected looking engine, we drained the oil and it was some kind of swamp mud oil. this was looking like it was going to be trouble. Huge amounts of sludge blocking everything, bolts snapped off everywhere, it stank too.

The cylinder studs snapped off when we tried to remove the cylinder head and the swamp mud oil had not stopped the transmission from becoming rusty.

Transmission stripped down and gearbox bearings weighed into scrap bin, the gears where actually ok once the surface rust was cleaned off.

With the new transmission bearings fitted and the transmission rebuilt it was starting to look much more optimistic.

The original clutch was stripped down the basket was badly worn, straight cut gear with billet back plate and new transmission springs fitted to a replacement basket, you can see the old dead parts in the back ground ready to follow the transmission bearings into the bin

The Crankcase and cylinder head and block where cleaned up, the original cylinder head had corroded so badly that the underside of the valve seats had become exposed, another cylinder head was sourced and the old one follwed the clutch basket and transmission bearings.

The replacement cylinder head was ported to suit 33mm carburretors and the valve guides replaced, the valve seats recut and ready to be assembled along with new web .395 lift camshafts, adjustable APE sprockets, valve springs, valves, guides, seals shim under followers and titanium retainers.

The crankshaft was stripped, cleaned, polished and re assembled, welding and aligning from the centre pin outwards, a straight cut gear replaced the helical gear, which followed the clutch, cylinder head and bearings into the bin, the rebuild and polished transmission along with new camchain fitted into the shiney crankcases.

The cylinder block was bored out to take the new Wiseco 1085 pistons, with the rings gapped the pistons fitted. Heavy duty cylinder studs fitted, most the old ones had snapped off on the strip down.

Cylinder block fitted, Cylinder head assembled, and fitted to measure compression ratio, choosing from different gaskets or with more machining to achieve this, then camshafts degreed in and then we can measure piston to valve clearance.

With the engine nearly finished, we thought we had better build a bike for it to go in, the chassis has been blasted and braced, and a swingarm has been braced, unfortunatly the top mounts for the shock are completly wrong so will need milling away so we can machine up mounts that will work, we will also be fitting early GSXR wheels and discs.

On the mill ready to machine away incompatable top shock mounts

Front caliper brackets made to hold Brembo calipers to GSX1100 forks, new spindle nuts and spacers fitted.

Battery box, electics and wiring progressing, front fairing bracket fabricated and mount for single tacho, donour crankcases in to line up engine mounts, GSXR wheels in place.

Engine now in place so we can finish wiring, chain alignment, gear change rods, footrest mounts.

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